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No matter how carefully you handle and store your photos, time and age will eventually cause them to fade and deteriorate. By scanning them into a digital format, you will preserve and protect one of your most irreplaceable possessions. Every photo you send to UM is handled with care. Photos are scanned into 600 or 1200 dpi JPEG files and saved on USB flash drives or archival DVDs.


Photos, Video, Audio


After scanning, your newly created image files are cropped, rotated, color corrected and enhanced to make them look their absolute best. Our quality control team reviews each scanned photo or document and flags poor quality images for re-scanning as necessary. Finally, the enhanced images are placed onto a USB flash-drive.

Minimum order of $10.00 includes up to 20 scan pictures and USB.

.19 ea scanned photo/Docs on USB.

.59 ea Slide Scanned to USB.

.59 ea Negatives scanned to USB.

*Prices may vary on project and subject to change


By default, we output all videotapes to MP4 files. We can also create DVDs for your home videos. We can convert each tape to its own DVD or combine multiple tapes onto a single DVD. We use dual layer DVDs that can hold up to 3 hours of footage, for added convenience.

VHS/VHS-C/Batamax/Hi8  8mm/Digital 8/Mini DV Mini DVD

Conversions to DVD $20.00  

Conversions to Flash drive $20.00


8mm/Super 8 Video Only

*Prices Vary depending on Footage


Converting cassettes to CD is a good option if you plan on listening in the car or on a stereo at home. Each CD can only hold 80 minutes of audio and requires a working CD player. Converting cassettes to MP3 or another digital format allows you more flexibility than CDs alone.


Audio cassette to CD $15.00

Audio cassette to MP3 $20.00


$5.00 additional for each copy CD

$10.00 additional for each flash drive

*Other services available on request

About Us

After suffering the loss of a loved one, friends and co-owners of Unforgettable Media LLC., Jennifer Cowan and Brandy Phillips, shared a common concern.  We had family memories hidden in closets and under beds, scattered amongst different households. In gathering the different media from different family members; old pictures, VHS tapes and yes even some reel to reel, we realized something....this is a huge task.  We also wondered why records were kept of these special moments, only to have them tucked away and never shared. We came to the simple conclusion that technology had changed. With that fact in mind, we realized there needed to be a way for people to update their memories or lose them forever.

In this google it yourself age, we seemed to have run out of time to bring those memories along with us in a way that they can truly be shared with our loved ones.  This is where Unforgettable Media LLC. can help. They can transform that box of your Aunt’s old photos that no one has seen in years, into a digital form that can be enjoyed by everyone.

What Clients Say About Us

  • " I would like to thank Jennifer for the fantastic work
    on the picture quality and service. " - Brandon R.
  • " I had many many VHS-c tapes that I was unable to watch of my children growing up. I have been thinking about getting them transferred to DVD or a jump drive but places I found I had to mail off and the prices were pretty high. I was concerned that if I sent these tapes and they didn't do what they were supposed to do, I would be out all of those memories. Then I found Brandy and Jennifer from Unforgettable Media. They have been great at transferring all of my VHS C tapes to DVD and a jump drive. It been great to watch them again. " - Richelle B.
  • " I was thrilled when I saw Jennifer and Brandy at Unforgettable Media LLC at the Farmers Market and learned that they could convert my old VHS videos from high school to a thumb drive as I'd been searching for a place to do this for me other than Walmart (They take weeks to get back and I was worried about by irreplaceable videos getting lost in the mail). Jennifer and Brandy were super friendly and took the utmost care with my videos and they had them back to me in less than a week on a thumb drive and in great condition! There prices are affordable and they are amazing. I definitely will be referring Unforgettable Media to anyone and everyone. " - Elisha W.

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